Best Rum Cocktails In DFW

May 29, 2014 4:00 AM

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(credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

(credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Often in Texas, people are out to find the best margaritas, leaving rum to become a forgotten liquor. Of course, that doesn’t make rum cocktails any less delicious or exciting. Luckily, there is a list of bars in the DFW area that are currently serving up the best rum cocktails in the area. From the classics to the special creations, you will be sure to find a great rum cocktail at these local bars.

The Standard Pour
2900 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 935-1370
www.tspdallas.comWhen looking for an atmosphere that is relaxed and serves up some of the best cocktails and food, this is a great option for everyone. The Standard Pour is known for its fancy cocktails. The cocktails are a mix of creative and old-school mixtures. This spot serves a classic and delicious Dark and Stormy. If that’s not your style, you might want to try the Pirate’s Call, a mix of rum, lime juice, bitters and ginger beer.
Victor Tangos
3001 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 252-8595
www.victortangos.comA mix of old and new, Victor Tangos offers some of the best of both worlds. The restored 80-year-old brick walls, walnut table tops and classic techniques being practiced in the kitchen may appeal to an older or more classic-style crowd while the younger crowd may be brought in by the big-screen TVs that are great for watching a game. The yummy food menu and great cocktails, however, are sure to please both. The Tamarind66 is a great option for those looking for a rum cocktail. If you’re coming in with a group, order one of the punch bowls with rum like the Barbados Punch.
Sunset Lounge
3030 Ross Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 823-8193
www.sunset-lounge.comA local neighborhood bar with an artsy feel and Caribbean influence, Sunset Lounge offers many rum cocktails on its menu that may make you feel like you are lounging at the beach. While you’re there, try the Rum Runner, a cocktail with lots of spices and a hint of banana and blackberry. Classics like the Bahama Mama are also featured on the menu. Other options include the Cholula Banda Daiquiri and The Punch Bowl, among others. The Caribbean influence on the food and drinks makes this a great choice if you are looking for some rum cocktails.Related: Best Cocktail Bars In DFW

The Usual
1408 W. Magnolia Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 810-0114
www.theusualbar.comThe Usual takes its cocktails very seriously. The bartenders spend a lot of time creating recipes and perfecting the classics, visiting distilleries and making their own syrups and infusions. One of The Usual’s great rum drinks is the Cardigan Daiquiri which includes Rhum Agricole, clove, cardamom, honey, lemon and more. If that doesn’t sound like your style, feel free to try the Montpelier including Jamaican Rum, Italian vermouth, smoked maple syrup and bourbon. Of course, if you’re not a fan of the cocktails on the list, feel free to ask the skilled bartenders to make you something different and have them put their extensive knowledge to good use.
The Cedars Social
1326 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, TX 75215
(214) 928-7700
www.thecedarssocial.comThe Cedars Social is always serving up different and fun seasonal cocktails, including delicious rum cocktails. The list of handcrafted cocktails is developed by Michael Martensen, one of the best in the business. Stop in and try the Knickerbocker, made with rum, Triple Sec, raspberry syrup and lime juice if you’re looking for something fruity and fun. TI Punch is also a great option with Rhum JM, lime juice, cane sugar and lemon zest. The menu is always being modified and added to, so if there isn’t anything on the seasonal menu now that appeals to you, there is sure to be soon enough.Related: Most Creative Cocktails In DFW

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