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Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

January 9, 2011 3:20 PM

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Whether gourmet, Tex -Mex, Fresh-Mex or authentic, North Texans love their tacos in every variety and style. For the tastiest, tortilla-wrapped bites, here are destinations to mark on your map.


fuzzys Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Multiple locations including:
510 E. Abram Street
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 265-8226

Goblets of margaritas, late-night hours, boracho beans, roasted salsa, and an always available breakfast menu make Fuzzy’s a great place to eat. (Oh, and their tacos are really good too.)


rusty taco Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Rusty Taco

4802 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 613-0508

$2 tacos, $5 margaritas, and $3 queso. It’s good math and even better tacos on handmade tortillas. The “Rusty Taco” is achiote pork with charred pineapple, but it’s the fish taco that’s their specialty. The shop is located in an renovated gas station and has a good patio for sunny days.


taco diner 2 Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Taco Diner

Multiple locations including:
5904 N. MacArthur Boulevard #150
Irving, TX 75309
(972) 401-2691

Their taco plates offer something for everyone, but it’s the tacos de brisket that never disappoint. Shredded brisket is roasted overnight and served with a side of diced onions, cilantro, and lime.


taco joint Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Taco Joint

911 N. Peak St.
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 826-TACO (8226)

Their slogan: “A smart man knows that tacos fuel the brain.” Their breakfast tacos: delicious. Their daily specials: Tortilla soup, spicy fried chicken tacos and more. Their hours: Open for breakfast and lunch, everyday but Sunday.


torchys tacos Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Torchy’s Tacos

5921 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 720-9200

A new arrival on the Dallas scene, Torchy’s earned its fame in Austin serving up huge tacos with gourmet flavors and great names like The Republican: grilled jalapeno, cheese, pico de gallo, and poblano ranch sauce.


urban taco Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Urban Taco

5331 E. Mockingbird Lane #125
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 823-4723

Their taco plates are the best. Pick any 3 tacos and 2 sides of your choice. There are so many taco options, including the house-favorite barbacoa braised in Dos XX Amber. You can’t go wrong with any of their tacos, but you’d be mistaken to not pick the roasted corn con lime crema as one of your sides.


yucatan taco stand Best Taco Joints In Dallas / Fort Worth

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Yucatan Taco Stand

Multiple locations including:
909 W. Magnolia
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 924-8646

A tequila bar with generously sized tacos that come piled high with Chihuahua cheese, lettuce, purple cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and their signature roasted garlic aioli sauce. Come for the tacos and come back again with a friend for their ridiculously big plate of nachos.

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  • Tom

    Give me a break! Okay, these tacos may be so-so, but the best tacos in the free world are at Joe T. Garcia’s! Granted, you will have to buy a meal to get them, but they are simply the best! Second-best, but close are from Oscar’s Mexican Restaurant in Haltom City. (I think they tried to copy Garcia’s and came close.)
    From a taco stand? One might try some of the varieties from Taqauria San Diego in North Richland Hills. There pretty good, but they’re mexican – not Texican! I know food and these would be my choices!

    • Sam

      Joe T’s? Really?! The only thing good about that place is the beer selection and the atmosphere.

      I think Old El Paso is their Taco Supplier…Very generic food!

      You lost ALL your credibilty with that suggestion!

    • Kellie

      its always better to actually hear real people suggest where to go. thank you i will be trying these restaurants in the near future. :^)

  • JN


  • Jeff

    Fuzzy’s and Rusty Taco are good. I don’t know why Taco Diner is on the list. I would add Cuba Libre to the list. Hwy. 75 and Henderson, close to Downtown Dallas.

  • The Food Guru

    Fuzzy’s good concept , good food. Joe T,. Garcia’s maybe the most overrated mex restaurant in Texas, last visit, cold enchiladas, slow service and more flys than a dead body!

  • Fuel City Taco Fan

    They left off Fuel City Taco’s. But I guess because it’s not Gringo enough they dont count it.

    • callen3434

      Fuel city has my vote. Great tacos and faitas.

  • Fuel City Taco Fan # 2

    Let me guess these were the establishment that gave free tacos to taste test that’s why they are the best? Why don’t we leave the Top what ever to the people and then you can publish the results.

  • Mortgage Diva

    Totally agrre about Fuzzy’s Taco Shop!! It is one of a kind and yummy!!

  • Bruce

    Planet Burrito has some awesome fish tacos and a new shrimp taco that is out of this world.

  • Terri

    Went to the newly opened Taco Diner on Beltline Rd in Addison for lunch yesterday with my husband. Had pork tacos – the pork was dried out and cold and the condiments were wilted. The chips were stale as well. Very $$ for the quality. Will not go back or recommend!!

  • Lynn

    Fuzzy’s Tacos are very good, but the service is indifferent at best… The seem to hire for attractiveness, NOT for enthusiasm or customer service.

  • Richard

    Got to Try TACOHEADS Trailer, behind 7th Haven W.7th at Carroll, Fort Worth, GREAT!

  • Joe

    Rusty Taco Grade D- Does not smell Texicana or taste Texicana. And not one mexicana eating there. Get the same tacos in parts of Plano for 0.95 each.

  • Ander2000

    Why didn’t Baja Mexican Grill / El Taco H make this list? Fail. If you don’t about it Google them! It’s taco greatness! There’s one in Grapevine and one in Watauga.

  • Mike

    Taco Diner is pretty awful to say the lease. Who ever wrote this obviously has no idea what makes a great taco, or mexican food good for that matter.

  • Tom

    Okay. These folks are paying you to be listed as best, right? I mean there’s just no way that these are the best tacos in the area. I listed some really good places above! I love to eat and I love tacos. You people either have little taste or have not really eaten at these places. I have eanten at a few of them and was sadly disappointed in them! Lets see some listings by an unbiased panel.

  • AM

    Yucatan Taco Stand is so great!! Really like the Southlake location!

  • Zmoney

    … last I checked, this was opinion…

  • Dandoggy

    On the corner as you come into Mulege! Shrimp tacos made in front of you. Wish I was tthere

  • Ruth Baker

    Yucatan Taco Stand in Southlake—excellant & their drinks are awesome!

  • jennifer

    I recommend Goghee To Go. I love their burrito and tortas. Sooo Goood.

  • Hello

    Gringo tacos is right! Fuzzy’s, Torchy’s and Rusty Taco are all blech! Not worth the money. Head to Oak Cliff where the REAL tacos are.

  • Tami

    Joe T’s??? Seriously? people really don’t know good food from bad. That place is so overrated.

  • Crazybradlee

    Fuel City for sure is GREAT! So is El Si Ey in Oak Cliff and San Diego Taco(several locations) The trendy taco places are okay I guess. Have you tried ‘Good to go Taco’ it’s a good place if you’re scared of the mexican speaking taco stands. Taco Y mas on Ross is good too!

  • ross


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