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DFW’s German Restaurants: Lederhosen Not Required

September 7, 2011 6:00 AM

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By José Ralat MaldonadoYa! Oktoberfest: That annual celebration that shines a heavy, sudsy spotlight on Germanic foodways (and beerways). That shouldn’t prevent diners from enjoying wurst, schnitzel and the quaffable fruit of the Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law of 1516 year-round. Though not a complete list—with a strong German heritage in Texas the number of restaurants are as high as the Rhine is long—several area German culinary establishments are listed below.

german bavariangrill DFW’s German Restaurants: Lederhosen Not Required


Bavarian Grill

221 W. Parker Rd.
Ste. 527
Plano, TX 75023

Directory Listing
Lunch 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Stein Hour 4 p.m. – 7 p.m; Dinner 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Cheesy and magical, this acclaimed eatery founded in 1993 employs waitress in dirndls and squeezes in customers among a stein collection that could be provide enough glassware for a small city’s Oktoberfest. Guests can attempt to join the Stein Club or reserve spots for the Bavarian beer and wine seminars, but an order of the jaegerschnitzel with mushroom-wine sauce in the beer garden is required.

german germandeli DFW’s German Restaurants: Lederhosen Not Required



5100 Hwy 121
Colleyville, TX 76034
(817) 354-8101

Directory Listing
Hours: Mon – Sat 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sun 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

A market in a modest 5,000 square-foot space, customers pick up everything to sate their hunger for German products. The more than 5,000 items in stock include butter and cheeses, Black Forest-smoked meats (the real deal), imported salted herring, endless links of sausage and a variety of sweets that include German gummi bears. Those familiar with small European markets will be shuttled through time and space at GermanDeli.

german greenwoods DFW’s German Restaurants: Lederhosen Not Required


Greenwood’s German

3522 Bluebonnet Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 921-6777

Directory Listing
Hours: Tue – Sat 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. (10 p.m. on Fri & Sat)
Lunch Thurs – Fri 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Closed Sun & Mon

Chef-owner Peter Gruenewald offers Cowtown diners an authentic, if a bit a higher-end, experience supported by a resume that includes stints in superlative German restaurants. The dishes to order here are ones with spaetzle, like the roast beef with Red Cabbage. Start off with the potato pancakes accompanied with sour cream and applesauce, move on to one of the schnitzels, but don’t forget the spaetzle.

german henksblackforest DFW’s German Restaurants: Lederhosen Not Required


Henk’s European Deli & Black Forest Bakery

5811 Blackwell St.
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 987-9090

Directory Listing
Hours: Mon – Thurs 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Fri 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Sat 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sun Brunch 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Off Greenville Avenue, this Teutonic mainstay has been serving hearty food (kasewurst) and sandwiches (Hot Amsterdam) alongside German beer, including German native Dennis Wehrmann’s Franconia Brewing Company in McKinney. An older crowd populates the diner seating, those in a lunch rush take a stool at the counter and workers at the nearby Half Price Books stop in for an after-work bottle of Riesling and gewürztraminer. Henk’s is a gustatory beacon in a dilapidated landscape of crumbling roads and abandoned buildings.

imag0321 DFW’s German Restaurants: Lederhosen Not Required

Kuby's cups are a staple around the newsroom


6601 Snider Plaza
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 363-223

Directory Listing

With a butchering pedigree stretching back to 1728 Germany, the Kuby family opened their storied shop in the 1960s and haven’t looked back since. The options are myriad here. The sausage is made in-house from recipes handed down through 14 generations. Shoppers come in for more than meats, though. There is a small grocery and bakery. There is a full-service restaurant, and, perhaps the greatest of things, the staff will process field-dressed game.

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  • C S Bauer

    GermanDeli is NOT a restaurant, it’s a store that offers kitschy German gifts and food. Are you even VISITING these places or just pseudo-plagiarizing some list? Besides, WHERE IS GERHARD’S in Roanoke?!

    You seriously need a new food writer.

    I have never heard of Greenwood’s German, so although I cannot now officially say Bavarian Grill is still the best German restaurant in DFW, until I visit Greenwood’s, I can say I’ve been going to Bavarian Grill since their infancy, and Jürgen and the crew put together a very German experience in both food and atmosphere. It’s worth the money, and the wait (I suggest making reservations).

    By the way, as a parting note, THANK YOU for not listing Edelweiss in Fort Worth. I’m not sure if it was because of intentional omission, or because you seem very ignorant about DFW restaurants, but thank you anyway. That is the WORST German food in DFW.

    • David

      Unfortunately, you mentioned the worst German place in DFW – Gerhards…not even close to real German Food…my spouse is 1st generation German and we have traveled German extensively. We KNOW good German food when we experience it. Roanoak is not a German food haven…

      • Kramer

        LOL. Right – it’s like like that “big head” comment on Seinfeld.

      • Kr@utBoy

        WIRKLICH? Is your spouse from EAST Germany? I heard that “food” is more of the Russian/Gulag Goulasch variety. Did you dine in restaurants in a Potemkin Village? LOL.

      • C S Bauer

        I ate there when they first opened and loved it. Too bad it’s gone downhill, or allegedly gone downhill. I’ll have to try it again. By the way, NORTH TEXAS is not a German food haven, much less ROANOKE. Hill Country, baby. Otherwise, move to Michigan (Frankenmuth) if you don’t want to move to Germany for good German cuisine.

      • Reeperbahn Strasse

        Gerhard is from Germany, but perhaps he has lived in Florida for too long? Ja?

      • David

        Try Munich toast head…get a life

      • Kr@utBoy

        Toast head? That’s your best? LOL.

    • C S Bauer

      By the way, I totally agree with the writer’s comment about the Jaegerschnitzel (we capitalize nouns in German). It’s a must-have at Bavarian Grill. May I also suggest their Schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock)? It’s magical.

  • B.F.

    You’ve neglected to mention Edelweiss on the Weatherford traffic circle in Fort Worth, which has excellent (though pricey) food and lively entertainment.

    • Kr@utBoy

      Nasty dump. Skip at all costs.

      • David

        Fair German at best…but has been around a LONG time.

  • fred

    Thanks for the post. I do like the manner in which you have shownthis specificsituation. I\’m no guru that\’s for sure, but I still your approach. Thanks!

    • Kr@utBoy

      Hitting the liters of Hefeweißen a wee bit early, are we?

  • Suz

    The list is not complete without a mention of the Bavarian Bakery and Cafe in the Forest Hill area of Fort Worth. The bakery and deli are open deli, but dinner is served on Friday and Saturday evenings, and the Sauerbraten is divine!

  • Susan Winters

    There is also a newish German rest in Bedford called Everythings German and a German rest in Roanoak.

    • C S Bauer

      Gerhard’s is the one in Roanoke, and it’s very good. German-owned and operated with a cool football (soccer) theme.

      I have a coupon for that new-ish one in Bedford. I’ll be trying it soon.

      • David

        Gerhard’s is, at best, a German impostor. There are other, much better, German places in DFW.

  • Bill

    Ditto on the Bavarian Bakery, Suz — great place.

    Greenwood’s is good too — I don’t consider it pricy though. It has more of an authentic European flair, with the white tablecloths and the neatly-dressed wait staff.

    Edelweiss is one of those has-been places — much like Angelo’s and Joe T’s. A place to be seen, but not for good food.

  • C S Bauer

    The end-all-be-all of German and Austrian cuisine in DFW is sadly no longer around. Does anyone remember Hofstetter’s Spargel Cafe?

  • Mr. Dwtown

    Agreed to the comment about this article being half arsed. That’s German for stoopid. German Deli is a shop. The gummy bears are the same as any other groceryh store. Hasbro. Whoopie! Overpriced. Everything German in Bedford is decent. Very small restaurant with favorable prices. Nothing stands out in DFW for bragging rights. Huge potential if anyone steps up.

    • C S Bauer

      You’ve never been to Bavarian Grill? It’s one of the top German restaurants in the U.S., and for good reason. Are you from Germany?

      • C S Bauer

        The rest of your post was spot on, though. :-)

  • SchnitzelFreak


    • David

      Worst excuse for German food I have ever made the mistake of trying. Not even close.


        LOL. I went there and was about to sit down, then I saw the weird modern tables and chairs with the Fußball decor and thought, “WHAT THE F–K IS THIS?!” I turned around and left. Thanks for the palate advisory, as that will ensure I’ll never return there! Looks like my judgment was correct.

      • David

        ya ya ya ya

  • Al H

    The best German/Austrian food is at Jorg’s Cafe Vienna in old downtown Plano! Try the kartner rahm schnitzel.

    • C S Bauer

      I forgot about Jörg’s. Awesome place.

      • David

        will have to give that place a go, even if I do live in Hurst.

  • Jack Boots

    “Ya! Oktoberfest”

    It’s JA, Dummkopf.

  • David

    For those who think Gerheards is a German restaurant have never been to Germany and eaten authentic German food…ugh.

    There is The Bavarian Bakery on South East loop 820. which is very good and very authentic.

    • C S Bauer

      Do they play Heino music? I’ve got to have my Heino music.

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