Trending: 60 Year Old Girl, YouTube Rewind, Bush 41 On Twitter

December 11, 2013 4:29 PM


A man posts a bad picture of his wife and within hours, she’s an unfortunate internet star.

He posted a picture of his wife — saying she looked like she was 60 when she was in grade school.

He took the picture down and deleted his account when he saw the fun others were having with his wife’s mature looks.

People started posting jokes — the top line about her young age — with the bottom line makes reference to her old looks.

For example, “Drinks milk at lunch everyday — to prevent osteoporosis.”

or “My EZ bake oven — gives me hot flashes.”

Buzzfeed tracked down the guy who posted the pic.

He says he and his wife have been dying laughing about how people have responded to the picture.


YouTube just released its 2013 Year in Rewind and in it’s first day it’s getting 7,000 clicks a minute.

It’s a mashup of all the YouTube videos we’ve loved and hated over the past year squeezed into 6 minutes.

The Prancercise lady plus the girl who quit her job in a dance video and North Texas native Sam Horowitz also makes an appearance.  The video of his dancing entrance at his bar mitzvah went viral earlier this year.

YouTube took the big music hits of the year “Get Lucky,” “What Does the Fox Say?” and “Harlem Shake” to name a few — and mixed them with references from more than 50 viral videos of 2013.

Bush 41 Joins Twitter

Former President George H. W. Bush has joined Twitter.

Just about 24 hours ago, Bush signed up for the social media site and tweeted his regrets for missing Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

That has been Bush 41’s only tweet so far, but he’s already gotten a warm welcome to Twitter from another former president.

Bill Clinton sent this message — “Congratulations on joining Twitter, Mr. President! Easier than skydiving!”

In less than a day, Bush has picked up more than 60 thousand Twitter followers.