Trending: Kid’s Letter To Santa, Cyber Monday Deals

December 2, 2013 3:57 PM

Kid’s Letter To Santa

One kid is helping Santa and the elves out by showing them exactly where they can find what he wants this year – and apparently some of it is at

The holiday list for a high-tech world is completely written in crayon.

It starts out “Dear Santa, How are you.  I’m good.  Here is what I want for Christmas — followed by several links to

If you take the time to type it out — the top link, written in red crayon — will take you to a remote controlled car.

(credit: Gequeoman via Twitter)

(credit: Gequeoman via Twitter)

The entire list, which is 5 pages long, also sends Santa to, Ebay, and Barnes and Noble.

The list ends with a request for $50 in cash and tells Santa “I’ll be at my Dad’s house.”

The letter was tweeted by a man in Germany.

We’re not sure if it was actually written by a kid — but I bet there are kids out there who are doing this!

Cyber Monday Deals

A lot of people may have bypassed the Black Friday lines and started shopping online over the weekend.

But on this Cyber Monday — the busiest online shopping day of the year – there is still plenty of shopping to do.

comScore predicts sales of $2 billion this Cyber Monday, up from $1.47 billion in the last year.