Trending: New Mom Selfie, Star Wars Instagram, Go Pro Eagle

December 3, 2013 4:35 PM

New Mom Selfie

A new mom started a new online controversy with a picture she posted on Instagram.

Caroline Berg Eriksen posted a pic of herself in her underwear, just four days after giving birth.

The picture shows the fashion bloggers flat tummy and is sparking a lot of conversation.

Some people want to know if it’s real.

Others say it’s reinforces the competition and pressure women feel to get back to their pre-baby weight after pregnancy.

Eriksen says she wanted to prove that you can look as good after pregnancy as before.

She says she gained 22 pounds during pregnancy and has not worked out since giving birth on November 25.

Star Wars Instagram

Another Instagram selfie is also causing a lot of talk, but for a very different reason.

The dark side has come to Instagram, as Star Wars launched an account on the social media site.

The first post was a selfie of Darth Vader — with the message — “Another day at the office.”

If you look closely, there are dead storm troopers on the floor behind him.

In less than 24 hours and just three posts — @starwars already has 100 thousand Instagram followers.

The next Star Wars movie — Episode 7 — is scheduled to be in theaters in 2015.

Go-Pro Eagle

Finally, it is some of the most incredible go-pro video ever taken, but the photographer is a little unusual.

The video lets us fly like an eagle for a few seconds — because the photographer is a sea eagle.

The bird snatched a video camera that was set up near an Australian river intended to catch video of crocodiles.

Instead, we get a different view of nature — as the eagle carries the camera 70 miles away — and then poses for a selfie at the end as he tries to get a closer look at the camera lens.