Trending: Travoltified Names, Police Wobble

March 4, 2014 4:22 PM


An Oscar oops still has everyone talking and creating their own new names online.

When John Travolta stepped up to the microphone to introduce the singer of the award-winning song “Let it Go,” he called Idina Menzel a completely different name.

“Please welcome, the wickedly talented, the one and only Adele Hazeem,” Travolta said.

There has been much talk of  Travolta’s gaffe on social media — and there’s now a website where you can type in your own name and get it Travoltafied.

The CBS 11 crew had some fun and plugged our names into the name generator to see what popped out.

My name, Angela Martin is Alana Mertin. Doug Dunbar is Daud Dorniels, and Jeff Jamison Travoltafied is Jia Jerkson.   Click here to try your name.


Some New Orleans police in full uniform get in on the Mardi Gras action during a parade over the weekend.

Today is fat Tuesday and it’s reason for everyone to party in the streets of New Orleans — even if you are in uniform.

Homicide detectives Winston Harbin and Cynthia Barnes joined in with other parade goers for the wobble line dance.

Detective Harbin said he became possessed by the rhythm when the music came on – and he likes to let the families and kids he serves in New Orleans know that he’s approachable.