TTYM: Watch The LeBron James Mock Flop, And T-Mac Is Mocked By Arby’s

June 24, 2013 2:00 PM

ttym 955615 TTYM: Watch The LeBron James Mock Flop, And T Mac Is Mocked By Arbys  
by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, Allen Iverson is accused of kidnapping his own kids, a Russian hijacks Tom Lewand’s Twitter account while the social media platform shows Tracy McGrady no mercy. Are these the worst back-to-back pitches you’ve ever seen? And the LeBron James hilarious ‘flopping’ parody. 

LeBron’s No Flop

So Lebron James proved this week he is no flop leading the Heat to their second consecutive NBA Championship.

And despite King James claiming “he’s not one of those guys” and he doesn’t need to “flop,”  the evidence is clear – the two-time NBA Finals MVP and four-time NBA MVP continues to flop.  

What else do you expect from a guy that wears shoes claiming he’s a two-time champ before he’s actually won the title?

Story via CBS Chicago

McGrady Deserves A Break Today

TTYM Arbys

What’s worse than losing the NBA Finals to the first-rate Miami Heat in Game 7?

Perhaps, getting dissed on Twitter by a second-rate fast food joint.

Earlier this week Twitter personality (I can’t believe I just typed that) D’BrickaShaw (@DragonflyJonez) insulted Spurs’ Tracy McGrady on his play involving Arby’s in the slam.

Arby’s shot right back and even joined in on the mocking.

While it’s no secret McGrady is way past him prime – is it necessary to slam the seven-time all-star? The man was just trying to win a title after all these years for the love of G-d.

I suggest the restaurant chain name a new meal deal after him as a consolation prize: The “T-Mac” a well done burger with fries hold the shake.

Story via CBS Sports

Russian Twist

lewand5 TTYM: Watch The LeBron James Mock Flop, And T Mac Is Mocked By Arbys lewand23 TTYM: Watch The LeBron James Mock Flop, And T Mac Is Mocked By Arbys lewand33 TTYM: Watch The LeBron James Mock Flop, And T Mac Is Mocked By Arbys

Apparently, Tom Lewand the owner of the Detroit Lions had his Twitter account hacked by Russians.

It didn’t last long, though. Lewand realized he was being hijacked, remedied the situation and issued an immediate apology.

Clearly, someone alerted Vladimir Putin there was absolutely no Super Bowl Ring to steal there.

But if I were Tom Coughlin I’d be double locking my doors.

Story via CBS Detroit

The ‘Third Degree?’ 

Dallas Mavericks (19-25)

Former NBA star Allen Iverson lost custody of his five children ages 3- 16 earlier this year after a court decided his drinking and substance abuse were a ‘hindrance’ to his off spring’s well-being.

His ex-wife Tawanna was given full custody after testifying Iverson left the children alone in a hotel one night and she had to go and pick them up. Did I mention the youngest one is three years old? 

So imagine my surprise this week when Tawanna claimed Allen was holding her children hostage after she ALLOWED him to take them on an unsupervised vacation.

Allen denies holding them hostage even going as far to claim Tawanna had access to their hotel room the entire time. They have since been returned home.  

Lucky them.

Story via CBS Philly

Pitch Imperfect 

In case you were wondering why the Nationals traded powerhouse right-hander Henry Rodriguez to the Cubs last week – here’s your answer.

During his debut with Chicago Monday night, Rodriguez hit an umpire with this first pitch before beaning Carlos Beltran with his very next second pitch.

Now that’s what I call ‘Control Issues.’

Are these the worst back-to-back pitches you’ve ever seen? Let me know!

Story Via CBS Chicago

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