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Armed Robber Caught On Tape At Irving Truck StopPolice are asking for help identifying the armed robber caught on tape at the Big D Travel Center in Irving.
Wild Wednesday: Gray-Banded Kingsnake & Corn SnakeWild Wednesday: Gray-Banded Kingsnake & Corn Snake
11 AM Weather Update With Lisa Villegas11 AM Weather Update With Lisa Villegas
Changes Made As TV Filming Resumes In DallasChanges have been made for the second day of filming in downtown Dallas, where TV crews are shooting a JFK miniseries and causing traffic backups.
More Traffic Issues As TV Production ContinuesThe filming of a new miniseries will again create traffic headaches in downtown Dallas.
Scott Padgett's AM Weather UpdateScott Padgett's AM Weather Update
Warm Wednesday On TapChanges on the way after that. Cool off with chance of rain.
Consumer Alert: Phoney IRS CallsIf someone calls saying they're the IRS and threaten you -- hang up!
DPD Working On Better Plan For DealeyTraffic has been a nightmare around mini-series shoot downtown.
Michael Hinojosa Is New DISD SuperintendentHinojosa is set to make $335,000 a year and will still collect a $200,000 pension.
Keller Lawmakers Deny Atheist Chance To SpeakA struggle between church and state in Keller tonight.
Mesquite Rodeo Brawlers Evade Arrest On HorsebackTwo men evaded arrest on horseback Monday night in Mesquite.
CBS Nightly TeaseCBS Nightly Tease
Larry Mowry's Weather UpdateMostly clear and pleasant, 64°F tonight