An outside investigator has now been hired to look into the controversial funeral escort for the son of Dallas police chief David Brown. But if one city council member has anything to say about it, this will be a short investigation.
City councilman Dwaine Caraway believes two high-ranking Dallas police commanders acted properly, with public safety in mind, when they ordered a dozen police motorcycles to escort the funeral procession for David Brown Junior who first killed two men, including a Lancaster policeman, before he died when police returned fire.  The escort has fully enflamed the Dallas police rank-and-file which are demanding discipline and even resignations,  Before she makes any decisions, City Manager Mary Suhm will bring in an independent investigator —  former Dallas County prosecutor Terence Hart who is also sdaa one-time FBI agent and federal prosecutor. His job is to enquire into who gave the orders and why and to report back to Suhm within three or four weeks.