On a Friday, we like to cut loose and have a little fun, unless Texas politics get in the way (which happens).  So, we’ll mix it up on the show at 7 tonight:

At 7:05: Once again, a state budget shortfall has the casino lobby dreaming of slot machines and craps tables in the Great State.  But, there’s no way in hell it is ever going to happen during my lifetime (and I’m only 30!).

Every time there’s red ink in Austin, I’m sure Gamblers Anonymous gets anxious they’re going to have millions of new members from Texas, but it never happens.  There’s a powerful anti-gambling coalition in the legislature.  The conservative Baptists are against expanded gambling on moral grounds.  Many liberals argue that casino gambling is a tax on poor people.

Texas Tribune Managing Editor Ross Ramsey will join me to talk about the big push in Austin for casino gambling.

At 7:35: What’s the long-term liability for Dallas Police Chief David Brown in the wake of revelations that his son is a cop killer?  Jim Schutze wrote a great piece about this in the Dallas Observer, and he’ll join me to talk about the challenges ahead for Chief Brown.

At 8:05: Is divorce something you can catch?  Is it contagious?  A new study says it is. I wonder why good things are never contagious.  I remember a study from 2007 that found obesity was contagious.  Why can’t finding big piles of money be contagious?  Marriage Counselor Tim Downs will join me to chat about this.

At 8:35: The Pop Culture Roundup! My Chief of Staff Jaxon will cover the pop culture stories of the week that he was cool enough to have paid attention to but I’m too lame to have cared at all.

I’ll be adding more to the agenda throughout the afternoon.

Scott Braddock