No, it’s not quite August on the calendar just yet, but that’s not what this is about.

Please allow me one final note about this past week’s trip to New Orleans:   I simply would not have been able to offer the coverage that so many of you enjoyed without the help of CBS News Correspondent and friend August Skamenca.  He found the asphalt beach, interviewed the woman who felt the need to dive into the oily muck, and so much more.  Despite all the work he had done, August was still privately asking if he had done enough.

August has been one of the top advocates for unfettered media access to the areas most affected by the spill.  He’s also been one of the brave journalists leading the charge in covering the Mexican Drug War.

It’s not enough to report a story and move on.  August Skamenca digs in and commits to seeing each story through in a way not seen or heard enough these days.  Heaven help anyone who tries to dodge his questions or keep him from rooting out the truth.

I look forward to hearing what August decides to tackle next.

Scott Braddock