A couple believed to be part of a violent Mexican drug cartel are now in jail here in North Texas. 
Authorities say it’s proof that North Texas is not immune from the violence associated with violent drug gangs in Mexico.  Last week, troopers pulled over Pedro Galvan on I-45.  He had no license and no insurance, and a subsequent search of his truck yielded 96 grams of meth and more than 25 thousand dollars in cash.  Authorities obtained a warrant to search Galvan’s girlfriend’s house in southwest Dallas, and that’s where they found 10 pounds of meth, an ounce of cocaine, 95 thousand dollars cash and 17 weapons, including 2 live grenades.  The Texas Department of Public Safety says the haul they found in both the vehicle and the home lead them to believe that both are part of a Mexican drug cartel, but authorities are not saying which one.  Galvan and his girlfriend are both in the country illegally.  Both are now facing a laundry list of charges.