Eat, Pray, Love the movie is based on the Best Selling memoir of the same name. It stars Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert, the real life author who took a year off to explore Italy, India & Bali and to hopefully find enlightenment.

First of all, this is a chick flick. I could almost hear the men in the theater rolling their eyes. And Eat, Pray, Love is filled with things that I, being chick, LOVE, like relationship talk, sexy images of food, and Javier Bardem. I also enjoy Julia Roberts. She was so relate able in this movie; I almost forgot that she’s Julia Roberts. There’s a stunning performance by Richard Jenkins. He plays a wounded Texan looking for peace in an Ashram. You’ll love him. Because of these things, I’m giving Eat, Pray, Love a C+. Why the low score? Because this movie is whiny. Liz is lost, co-dependent and essentially bored and she’ll tell you all about it, for about 2 and a half hours.  I might have been more sympathetic to her plight, but she is, after all, recuperating from depression in Italy, India & Bali, surrounded by a string of increasingly interesting & gorgeous men. Yes, poor Liz.  Furthermore, I struggle with the idea of taking months off & spending piles of cash to travel & search for enlightenment. Did you know you can take an Eat, Pray, Love tour right now, for about $20,000? I didn’t realize that finding oneself was so costly!