We now know how the man who shot-up the McKinney Police Department died and we are starting to learn more about the man himself.The Collin County Medical Examiner says Patrick Sharp took his own life shooting himself in the head.  McKinney Police chief Doug Kowalski says that happened after one of his officers shot Sharp in the arm as Sharp was using a rifle to shoot at the McKinney Public Safety building.  It appears that disabled Sharp from using his rifle.  According to a witness he then staggered off, drew his own pistol and shot himself in the head.

Kowalski says investigators still don’t have a motive.  A search of his house revealed no clues.   This afternoon KRLD talked with his house-mate, Eric McClellen who was as stunned as anyone at what happened.  He said last time he talked with him everything was fine and they talked about taking a trip next weekend.

Sharp quit his job as a security guard on Friday the 13th.  Also today KRLD was able to talk to two of Sharp’s uncles.  They knew little about him saying Sharp’s family had moved around the country several times over the years due to his father’s corporate job.  They only knew him as a mild-mannered man.