For a final preseason game that meant relatively nothing, this one was actually the most entertaining of the five. Cowboys win it 27-25 with a perfect test drive for David Buehler.  He hit a 40 yarder with no time left on the clock to win it.  But that’s not all.  Two other kicks from 51 and 45 and a perfect 3 for 3 night gives the Cowboys plenty of confidence going into the regular season opener.  Stephen McGee played the entire game at QB and threw the ball 42 times.  (27 of 42 for 304 and a TD).   McGee talked in the locker room about being a guy that people don’t believe in (Huh?)  Not sure where that came from, but he definitely stepped up and looked more confidant tonight.

Kudos also to Victor Butler who forced two fumbles.  Kevin Ogletree also finished the night with 6 catches for 51 yards and may have solidified a spot on the team.  Wade will discuss stuff at 3pm tomorrow.  But again, the biggest positive of the night is that the Cowboys may just have a pretty good kicker in Buehler.

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