texastech Richie's Red Raider War Hymn

….for your listening pleasure! What do you think?

Read the lyrics below!


Stand your ass up and face the west; bow down to Lubbock and give it your best

Hel-lo to Texas Tech Uni-versity

Warmest wishes to the red and the blaaack

Good luck to great pirate coach Mike Lea-ach,

Holy tumbleweeds, I can’t believe he’s not here

Traveler and saddle tramps and Darvin Ham

Paint your face flash your boobs with no fear

Shotgun a beer!

Oh, How I wish that Senore Sack could walk again,

Let’s go chase tail at Cricket’s

Get yer guns up … Spit in a cup … Don’t Eff a Tech girl without a pre-nup.

Season’s Greetings to Texas Technical

Our school’s colors are the same as checkers

We’ve got some cowbells and lots and lots of wind,

That, we think, makes up for all our small peckers.

Michael Crabtree, Bobby Knight and Yosemite Sam

Raider Power is a chick with a big rack

Shot of Jack!

We used to throw tortillas inside Jones Stadium,

Now we just nap at Tubberville …

Timmy Smith’s great … Masked Rider’s never late … Too bad Buddy Holly met his fate.