dallaspolice3 DPD Death In Custody Incident KRLD has obtained video from the Dallas Police Department in the Death In Custody incident of Freddie Lee Locket, who was allegedly under the influence of PCP when police caught up with him. On September 11th two DPD officers responded to a theft in progress call at 2995 S. Westmoreland.  The complainant informed the officers he had been struck several times in the face, causing the offense to be elevated to a Robbery of an Individual. Officers located the suspect, later identified as Freddie Lee Locket.

Suspect Lockett was dressed in only a pair of shorts when he was detained and patted for weapons.  The officers had suspect Lockett set on a curb as they continued their investigation.  Suspect Locket got up, began yelling, “Satan I rebuke you!” and then started walking away.

The officers gave verbal commands for suspect Locket to stop prior to using their conducted energy device (CED), commonly known as a Taser.  The CED had no effect and suspect Locket pulled the barbs out of his chest and ran several blocks to a residence on Spruce Valley Lane.

Suspect Locket climbed onto the burglar bars that were attached to the front door, tried to gain entry, then jumped off and informed the officers he was on “wet”, a street term for PCP.  Suspect Locket began approaching the officers, forcing them to back up and maintain their distance. Suspect Locket then started smashing his head on a metal mailbox, knocking it out of its concrete base, and causing it to fall to the ground.

Suspect Locket again approached the officers, and came within five feet of them when one of the officers discharged his CED, again having no effect.  Suspect Locket again tore the barbs from his chest, ran several houses over and attempted to climb a wooden fence.  During this entire incident the officers were attempting to give suspect Locket ample space and yelling loud verbal commands for him to stop.

An officer responding to the request for cover approached the scene on Hansboro and exited his vehicle.  To avoid a crossfire situation, that officer joined the others in a line, leaving his vehicle running in the street.  Suspect Locket ran to the unoccupied squad car, jumped in and attempted to drive away.

Officers again deployed the CED on Locket and several officers were able to extract him from the vehicle. As officers were attempting to handcuff suspect Locket, he resisted and attempted to take one of the officer’s baton.  Suspect Locket was struck with the baton, but continued to resist, and a CED was once again utilized, causing him to fall to the ground.  The officers were still struggling to gain control of the suspect when he began to get up again.  Another discharge was delivered from the CED and the suspect fell to the ground.  A review of the CED discharges indicates that no one continuous discharge exceeded 5 seconds in duration.

At some point during the ground struggle, an officer applied an arm bar and held the suspects torso until he was handcuffed.  Suspect Locket was continuously given loud verbal commands to relax and take deep breaths.  He was handcuffed, but continued to kick his feet so Flex cuffs were placed on his legs.  Suspect Locket was put in the ambulance where paramedics began treating him.  Suspect Locket was breathing and talking when placed in the ambulance.  He was transported by DFR to Methodist Central where he was pronounced deceased at 1:05 a.m.  The cause of death is pending autopsy.

Source: Dallas Police Department