Here’s what you missed Tuesday on the Jay Mcfarland show.

“Celebrity” teen mom Bristol Palin is in the spotlight on this season’s Dancing with the Stars. Do you think it’s appropriate for Bristol Palin to speak to teenagers about teen pregnancy?

Many of the problems in our society are brought on by the two-party system. Why would politicians come to us when they know they already have your vote?

If Obama’s healthcare is going to include our tax money and affects our tax dollars, should taxpayers be allowed a say in how you manage your health?  The more we let the government get involved in healthcare decisions, the more the government will get involved in your health.

Technically we are out of the “recession” and that is good news, for now. Unemployment will remain the same for the next few years and now people are taking aim at Obama because he said he could bring change to the situation. How has he done so far? Are we coming out of this depression and bad economy?