Two months after a Fort Worth policeman was nearly killed in a crash, two Tarrant County Sheriff’s deputies have been reprimanded for initiating the pursuit that led up to the collision. Sheriff Dee Anderson says he imposed the discipline after an internal review determined Sergeant Bradley Gantt and Deputy Chuck Wiesman had violated policy by chasing two motorcyclists who had just left a drug house. Gantt has been demoted while Wiesman was suspended for a month without pay. The Sheriff says their suspicion that the motorcyclists may have been carrying drugs “…didn’t even come close…” to a justification for continuing a high-speed pursuit. Anderson adds that the officers also violated policy by continuing the chase in spite of risks like moderate-to-heavy traffic and slippery roads caused by rain.  Fort Worth officer Richard Lambing responded when the deputies requested help in the pursuit. He suffered serious head injuries when his squad car hydroplaned and crashed into a tree. He remains in the hospital, undergoing long-term rehabilitation.