It may be a case of a misplaced decimal point, or a few stray zeroes. But the Williamson County Republican Party insists it did not really shell out $5 million for donuts.

The president of Round Rock Donuts says she wishes it were true. At $6 a dozen, that’s a lot of pastries.  But, Cathy Castleberry says it was surely a typo in financial documents filed by the Williamson County GOP.

They also reported spending more than $9 million at a Georgetown Applebee’s. Turns out the date of the Applebee’s event, 09/08/2010, was mistakenly entered as an expense of $9,082,010.  The actual tab was more like $60.

The county’s GOP chairman says, if they really had that kind of dough, they’d spend it on more advertising or fancier headquarters.  But definitely not on $800,000 on dozens of donuts.