fan wadephillips2 post The Cowboys are in a monster hole

Well what now.  The Cowboys are in a monster hole.  Since 1990, only five teams have started 1-4 and made it to the playoffs. The Cowboys committed 11 penalties yesterday, had a celebration penalty called, and allowed a kickoff return for a touchdown.

Sound familiar? It was the Tennessee game all over again.  The defense played well enough to hold Brett Favre to just 118 yards passing and 3 sacks, Adrian Peterson runs for just 73 yards and Randy Moss is held in check.

A defense that held the Vikings to just 17 points.  That should have been enough to beat Minnesota.

Now, the Cowboys appear to be closer to a 5-11 team if they do not turn it around this week against the Giants.

Jerry Jones says again that he will not make a mid season coaching change.

Wade talks to the media this afternoon at 3:00.  Should be interesting to hear what kind of spin Wade puts on this one.

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