Gerald Sensabaugh talked today about the role of safeties in the wake of the NFL fining 3 players a whopping total of $175,000 for hard hits.  “We’re taught to try and get lower than a running back and underneath him.  That’s head to head for me.  If I kneel down, my head is going to be first regardless,” says Gerald.  “I do understand launching and you should not launch with the helmet.” 
Anyway you cut it, players are confused and worried about absorbing enormous fines and it will be interesting to see if guys change the way they approach hitting players over the middle.  [pullquote quote=”This is a gladiator sport” credit=”DeMarcus Ware”]

DeMarcus Ware was also right today when he was on with Richie and Greggo.  “This is a gladiator sport.  I get the conscussion deal, but anything below the head should be fare game.”

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