By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The sports pendulum in Dallas/Fort Worth has really swung. The Cowboys are on a losing streak, with no sign of life in the near future. Of seven games played the team has only won one.

The fans reaction to the Cowboys’ continuing spiral downward isn’t good.

What a difference six weeks makes. While the Texas Rangers fan base in growing another is trying to hold on. One fan told CBS 11, “If you’re a true Cowboys fan, you’ll keep watching but it’s hard.”

The games may be ‘hard to watch’, but it is easier to get a ticket inside ‘Jerry’s house’. “The beauty of the marketplace is that as demand goes down, the prices go down and right now you can get a hell of a deal,” explained P.J. Perdaems with StubHub. “Yesterday we had people in the building for $4 on StubHub.”

You may be able to give just $4 for seats in the top tier, but the price of a ticket down in the lower bowl is still going for above face value, through ticket brokers.

“Even though they lost, still great to be here,” Cowboys fan Jesse Fuentes said excitedly. Fuentes, of Odessa, says he spent a pretty penny on tickets to the game, his hotel, food, Cowboys merchandise and a VIP tour of the stadium. “Probably close to a thousand dollars,” he said.

On Monday there was a steady stream of fans coming in and out of Cowboys Stadium.

The Cowboys fan base is deep, but it also has a diversion. “It’s amazing how it has just switched because the Rangers have been perennial losers for so long and now they just tearing it up. And the Cowboys are just terrible,” Cowboys fan Eric Book said of the rare situation.

But Cowboys fan Lelan Stice, who also roots for the Rangers, is holding her ground. “We’re true fans. We’ll keep watching them and keep pulling for them and hopefully we can get something going this year.”

Meanwhile, workers put the Christmas lights up at the stadium Monday. Some might say their attempt to make the stadium sparkle is kind of like putting lipstick on a pig.