By Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – High school senior Boyd “OC” Okwuonu had quite a bit of juggling to do between soccer practice and school.

He had to make a three and a half our long commute each way from his hometown north of Oklahoma City to Frisco, where he’s part of the FC Dallas Development Academy program.

“Sometimes I’d have to leave 30 Minutes early from school, drive down, go to practice.  I wouldn’t get home to 12.  I’d still have homework.”

Okwuonu is one of 38 students in the program – Most of them live in North Texas, but must still commute daily to Frisco after school for practice.

Oscar Pareja of FC Dallas says they asked Frisco ISD to allow students to go to high schools here, so they can have more time to practice right after school and even before classes start.

“We can have the boys more on the field and they can be attending good schools.  A good education, which is a priority in our club, is still there.”

The Frisco School Board just approved the idea, and assistant superintendent Mike Waldrip says their new policy would allow other out of town students in similar programs to attend Frisco schools too.

“Our board can consider any group that approaches us on a case by case basis.. So it’s not just restricted to FC Dallas.”

As for Ohkwuonu, he’s no longer commuting.  He moved in with another teammate from Frisco, which gives him more time to study.   “I have two hours to do my work.”

Students in the program don’t have to come to Frisco schools.  Another senior from Oklahoma who still makes the daily commute to and from practice says he wants to finish high school in his hometown.