By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

GRANBURY (CBSDFW.COM) – Granbury High School Lady Pirates Coach Leta Andrews expects to soon win the game that will make history and crown her the winningest high school basketball coach ever – in men’s or women’s competition.

“I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe it to this day,” Andrews said.

The City of Granbury expected it last year. They painted the water tower with her name on it thinking she’d break the record then.

With such a successful career in basketball, it’s difficult to believe Andrews once thought of pursuing another career.

“I thought I would grow up to be a Dolly Parton,” Andrews said.

But her father convinced her otherwise.

Andrews has coached basketball for 49 years. But at the age of 73, she still handles a ball like she’s 17. The question is, will she retire once she reaches her game winning goals?

“People talk about retirement and to me they’ve already retired. To me, I don’t ever go there. I don’t even give it the time of day,” she said.

Andrews continued her winning ways while raising a family.

“It’s been very hard to be a wife and a mother and work,” she said.

As for her key to success, Andrews doesn’t believe in luck or even talent and ability. She said it comes with hard work and commitment.

“We just have to outwork the talent, and that is our philosophy,” she said.

Once she reaches her goal, which did not happen Tuesday night against the Stephenville Honey Bees, she will take the time to celebrate.

“I’m going to get a massage and go to Disney World. I think I’m going to need it,” she said.

Coach Leta Andrews could win game number 1,333 on Thursday – tying the record for most games won. That’s when the Lady Pirates begin competition in the Fort Worth Independent School District Cowtown Classic.