By Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News

PARKER COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Laura Kinney has often worried about the gas drilling just a few hundred yards from her Parker County water well.

A recently released home video sparks even greater fears in Kinney.  Methane gas is shown burning in water from a nearby Parker County private water well. The Environmental Protection Agency says the methane seeped into at least two private wells because of natural gas drilling by the company Range Resources. The EPA demanded the company supply the homes with water, gas detection equipment and remediate the problem.

“People work all their lives to buy country property an they’re able to drill this close and taint our water which is the source of life,” said Kinney.

But Range Resources said not only is it aware of the tainted water, it has already done extensive testing.

A Range Resources statement reads; “The investigation has revealed that methane in the water aquifer existed long before our activity and likely is naturally occuring migration from several shallow gas zones immediately below the water aquifer.”

Range Resources says its worked hard to comply with state regulations enforced by the Texas Railroad Commission. And the railroad commission’s chairman says the EPA has overstepped its bounds saying,

“EPA’s actions are premature as the Railroad Commission continues to actively investigate this issue and has not yet determined the cause of the gas,” said Victor Carrillo, Railroad Commission Chairman.  “This EPA action is unprecedented in Texas…”

The Texas Railroad Commission has called a special hearing with EPA and Range Resources on January 10th to sort through the issues.

Meanwhile, Kinney says she’ll pay to have her water tested.

“The expense again it feels like we’re being infringed on our rights to have to spend extra with the economy the way that it is just to protect our source of life,” Kinney said.