By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – This is sure to be a memorable Super Bowl for one young man on leave from his job with U. S. troops in Afghanistan.  He had an important mission to accomplish.

So, someone on the Super Bowl Host Committee made sure he got here.  That someone was Robert Estrada.

Estrada and his wife have busy lives with five daughters and a son.  But now, Estrada was expecting an important visitor.

“Dan is definitely the most important visitor to the Super Bowl we have in North Texas this year,” Estrada said.

Dan is Dan Teczar who’s been embedded with troops in Afghanistan for the past two years as a civilian field engineer. Teczar now has tickets to the Super Bowl.

“I’m very excited, very excited, ” Teczar said.  But Teczar wasn’t as concerned about who would be getting Super Bowl rings as he was about who’d be getting an engagement ring.

It was for Christina Estrada, Robert Estrada’s daughter. Weather delayed the ring’s arrival.  “It was supposed to be here last week and it never showed up. I got a little nervous, Dan got a little nervous,” Robert Estrada said.

The ring arrived Wednesday. And after some flight delays, Dan and Christina arrived Thursday for a Super Bowl Party. But that would come later.

First we wanted to know what his fondest Super Bowl memory would be.  “It’ll probably be proposing to Christina,” Dan said.

That’s when he dug the box out of his front pocket. Then, on bended knee, he asked, “Christina, will you marry me?”

Christina’s look of wonder gave way to tears and holding her hand over her heart she said, “Yes!!!”

“He always said if it ever happens that ‘You’re going to be surprised. And I definitely was,” Christina said.  So already, for at least one person, this is the best Super Bowl ever.