By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More jobs are coming to a part of Dallas that really needs them.

Dallas-based Dean Foods plans to reopen a food processing plant in Oak Cliff. The decision has the potential to bring as many as 100 jobs to the area.

City leaders believe the plan twill not only help Oak Cliff but give an overall economic boost to North Texas.

“We’re pleased that it’s an $85 million investment of private capital,” said Oak Cliff Councilman Dave Neumann. Needless to say, he is very upbeat about the project that is in his district.

Dean Foods will reclaim a bankrupt processing plant, in order to make dairy and non-dairy products for its “White Wave” subsidiary.

The plant is within a mile of major freeways, making it easy to ship products all over the region.

But for Neumann’s constituents it simply means new jobs. “For a private employer to put, what I call scarce dollars on the table, $85 million to start with, is a very good statement for reinvestment in Oak Cliff,” the councilman said enthusiastically.

White Waves makes products like Horizon Organic Milk, Silk Soy Milk, and others. The new operation would also be a welcome addition to local groceries; Kroger says it’ll mean lower transportation costs and help keep prices down.

Dean Foods is America’s largest dairy producer. The company already has two local plants, including the Oak Farms brand made in Oak Cliff.

Neumann hopes the anticipated success of White Waves will spread to other abandoned plants nearby. “So I’m hopeful that Dean Foods decision to dramatically improve this building and outfit it with high technology equipment in order to create these production lines, will draw other interest in that area and upgrade those facilities.”

Renovation of the old food processing plant is already underway. The new 185,000-square-foot facility will all be under one roof, and if the project is successful the building is configured for future expansion.

The Dallas City Council is poised to give Dean Foods a small grant and some tax incentives to help the project get up to speed.

If all goes as planned, the plant will be up and running around this time next year.