NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A lot of North Texans are scrambling to pay up Friday, as law enforcement agencies get ready for ‘The Great Texas Warrant Roundup’.

In Plano alone there are some 8,000 people who have outstanding warrants. Plano police Officer Rick McDonald said violators have, “Anything from inspection stickers and license plates, to speeding violations. People that have been cited by officers on the street and have failed to make a court appearance and failed to take care of their obligations.”

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The combined effort to pick up inspection sticker and license plate violators may sound extreme and expensive, but the fines may be more than you think. “The top 20 people that are wanted, in money wise, is about $3,500 and up, just from the top 20,” McDonald said of the most wanted Plano violators. “We have one individual we’re looking for that has about $5,000 worth of warrants. That really adds up to quite a bit of money.”

Many North Texas cities participating in the warrant roundup have setup websites for those wanting to know if they’re on ‘the list’.

Officials at the Dallas Marshal’s Office say the website and municipal buildings were very popular on Friday, filled with people who didn’t want to runt he risk of being picked up by police.

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And make no mistake; Dallas Chief Deputy Marshal Paul Hansen said law enforcement officials in Dallas will be making their presence known over the weekend. “We all go out in force, not only to make more arrests but also to provide safety for the officers, so we’ll have plenty of cover and backup for each other,” he said.

Worried violators should check the website of the city or county where they might have received a citation. In many cases, violators will be allowed to pay and resolve the warrant without appearing before a judge.

In the City of Dallas wanted violators are subject to arrest, having a hold placed on renewal of Vehicle Registration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles or denial of driver’s license renewal.

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The “Great Texas Warrant Roundup” is going on Saturday and Sunday.