By Phyllis K. Smith, 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – It took several days of trying but we finally got through to Jessica Fleming, the daughter of a Fort Worth woman who is in Japan living with several relatives in her fiancé’s home.

She’s about 40 miles inland from Sendai where she was working when the earthquake hit just 80 miles away.

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KRLD’s Phyllis Smith has her story:

There are 7 people now living with Jessica’s future inlaws – safe from the tsunami, but where aftershocks still rock their world.

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Jessica says they’re living in a well-made house, so they don’t feel the aftershocks as badly as people in other areas. Supplies are slim as they cope under very tight quarters. They have some food supply, but not a lot for 7 people.

They are living in the same clothes since the earthquake, because they don’t have enough water to wash their clothes. About every couple of days they go to a public water works to replenish their water supply as well as collect snow and rain to flush the toilet, something she has come to appreciate more than ever. Jessica says they’re lucky to have a flushing toilet considering half the town is gone and they’re safe and in one piece.

As for medical supplies they’re ok for now, but her fiance’s grandparents could soon run out of their prescription drugs. She’s not sure what they’ll do then. Images in the TV news has made Jessica concerned about a nuclear fallout, but they’re outside the 50 mile radius from the damaged reactors, which is what the American experts are recommending.

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Jessica is feeling a little more confident now that her internet and phone connections to have come back. She says the worst time for the whole tragedy was when she couldn’t let her Mom know that she was alive.