NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It has been a rough year for soap opera fans. Last year, CBS stopped “As The World Turns.” Now, time has run our for two other mainstays on the soap opera circuit: “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” But it’s not just women who are sorry to see the shows go.

The pending death of two more soaps was the talk of sports talk radio. The Ticket’s Donovan Lewis told his noon audience, “There’s going to be a void for a lot of females and my heart is a little broken also.”

Lewis was partial to one soap opera in particular. “I couldn’t have gotten through college without All My Children,” he said.

Lewis said he first picked up the story line trying to pick up girls in college. “At first I had alterior motives just to see the girls but then I got hooked! They had girls and violence and people dying and coming back to life. They had everything. Soap operas rule the world!” Lewis said passionately. “I know a lot of guys who got in it. A lot of guys won’t admit it.”

That denial might include the guys in the mostly male crowd at Bone Daddy’s restaurant in Dallas. “I didn’t really watch them. No,” one man said. Then, there was Gary Sixkiller who admitted, “My mother got up everyday, turned on the soap operas. When I come over and visit her and take care of her I watched em and then I got a habit of doing it. Then, I caught myself turning it on when I wasn’t going over there,” he said laughing.

For some fans, soap characters are like friends from the past. Even though you haven’t seen them lately. You miss them when you hear they’re gone. “It’s kind of sad to see it go,” Sixkiller said.

“It’s just sad that it has to happen now. Even though you know it’s coming, it doesn’t stop you from being a little sad that, uh, they’re going a way,” Lewis said.

All My Children will end in September. One Life To Live will continue to air until January of 2012.

ABC will replace the shows with a food show called “The Chew” and a health/lifestyle show called “The Revolution.”