TARRANT COUNTY (KRLD) – There’s a reason you might have noticed more garbage along roadsides in southern Tarrant County. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) paid Wilson Contracting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to pickup debris, but the company has defaulted on the contract.

Without the service, TxDOT has been left to try and keep tires, car parts and other trash from becoming a hazard along the freeways. “Making sure it’s as safe as possible,” TxDOTs Jodi Hodges said of the effort the department is making. “We will be charging back our labor and equipment time back to the bonding company, trying to recoup some of those costs.”

TxDOT officials say it doesn’t take long for there to be a noticeable buildup of debris. “In an urban area, unfortunately, there is just a little more trash than in other areas of the state,” explained Hodges. “And with the high winds we’ve been having, and if your loads aren’t securely tied down, a lot of times those things end up on the side of the road.”

The deadline for Wilson Contracting to fulfill their contract has now passed, so TxDOT is issuing an emergency contract to get the trashed picked up.