FORT WORTH (KRLD) – A new iPhone app may reduce the headache of finding parking spaces in downtown Fort Worth.

The city is testing out the app that lets you know where available parking meters are located.

To detect available parking, Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works Department is installing several “smart meters” along West Fourth Street.

“And we basically put sensors on the ground and basically the sensors show whether the space is occupied or not,” explained City Parking Manager Peter Elliott.

If more than four spaces are available that’s considered to be an area with “plenty of parking”.

The hope is drivers will no longer circle blocks endlessly in search of available parking meters. “People have these set routes in which they look for parking and so they’ll just keep circling on that route until they find the spot that they want,” said Elliott.

The iPhone app is only available through the Apple App Store. The download is free.

Once “smart meter” installation is complete, Fort Worth will test the pilot project for two months.