By Teresa Frosini, CBS 11 NewsBy Teresa Frosini

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM)Todd Fiscus designs some of North Texas’s most elaborate weddings.

His high profile events include Eli Manning’s wedding in 2008. “We kept it under wraps,” Fiscus said of the event, “so it was very private.” “We’re cautions of that,” he added. “It’s a religious ceremony that hopefully is going to last a lifetime.”

Texas may not have a royal family, but most young women want to feel like a princess and Fiscus is careful to make his events reflect the couple involved.

“You want to pull their experience into it,” he said. “Are they fun and light? Are they serious and traditional? Find out what’s their personality so the party looks like them.”

The kind of wedding seen in magazines can run between $500 and $1,500 a person, but Fiscus has even designed events that have cost more than $2,000,000. One wedding even had a price tag of more than $7,000,000.

As for his most private project this year, the wedding of Candice Crawford and Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, even the tabloids don’t know the date or location.

But Todd Fiscus did tell CBS 11 News a little bit about the couple involved and how he wants their day to fit their style. “They’re just really neat people so I think the party is going have a effervescent feel to it. We did lots of man food. I have a lot of football players to feed.”

In the past Fiscus has designed parties that included music from Grammy-winning artists. So when he says the performance at Romo’s reception is going to be incredible, it’s safe to take him at his word.

“Tony is the music man. He’s designed all of it,” Fiscus said referring to the acts that are booked to play.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful party,” he added, “probably one of my favorite parties we will do this year.” And that’s high praise considering the source.