DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It was an emotional Thursday in a Dallas courtroom as a jury saw graphic crime scene photos of a police officer that died. It happened during testimony, at the Dallas County Courthouse, in the Capital Murder trial of Charles Payne.

Day two of testimony involved one main witness, the chief crime scene investigator. The official brought photos of the bloody scene outside the apartment where Dallas Police Senior Corporal Norm Smith was killed.

During that testimony the officer’s still grieving widow, DPD Lieutenant Regina Smith, was in the audience. The woman broke down crying as she watched the jury look at crime scene photos where her husband was killed two years ago.

Prosecutors argue that Charles Payne fired through the door of a south Dallas apartment just as Norm Smith and other DPD Gang Unit officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on another man who was inside.

During testimony, a crime scene investigator also told the jury the gun used in the shooting was found hidden inside a couch pillow on the floor of the apartment.

“One of the detectives that was a part of my team lifted up a couch pillow to look underneath it and noticed it had a good amount of weight and he notified me that it seemed a bit heavy and notified me to come over,” said DPD Crime Scene Responder Andra Lewis-Krick.

Senior Corporal Smith’s widow is getting emotional support from two other widows of slain officers. The widows of Lancaster police Officer Craig Shaw and Grand Prairie police Officer Greg Hunter sat with her in the courtroom.

Defense attorneys argue that Payne thought he was shooting at an intruder and that officers didn’t properly identify themselves. That claim was contradicted during testimony from a woman who lived in the apartment complex. She testified that she heard officers yell “police” twice before any shots were fired.