ALVARADO (CBSDFW.COM) – Lunchtime was anything but typical for one middle school student in Alvarado. A surprise was served on Monday and it had nothing to do with the menu.

Eighth grader Brandon Monk had no idea the surprise waiting for him.

In the wings at Alvarado Junior High was Brandon Monk’s brother, Sgt. David Bailey, fresh from his tour in Korea. “The last time we saw each other was over Christmas break. I came down to see my family.”

David waited patiently for the big moment that turns out was much more than just a ‘big brother’ welcome home. “It’s very hard because his father isn’t around and I’m pretty much his role model. He wants to be like me. He loves the Army and I love the Army,” said David. “I think he’s going to be excited – excited to see me. He hasn’t seen me in so long.”

As the students filed in to the cafeteria lunchroom chatter soon gave way to applause. “Hey bubs! Come here!” David said as his brother stood staring at him.

There were ‘I miss you’ exchanges, questions of well-being
and an emotional, heartfelt reunion for brothers who had been separated by distance but always bonded by love.

“Are you happy to see me?” David asked his little bro. “I came out here for you.”

David plans on spending plenty of time with his brother and family until he deploys to Afghanistan in August.