DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – A well known immigration activist has come under fire for suggesting the reason Texas hasn’t passed an Arizona-style immigration crackdown is there are too many Hispanics in the legislature.

Rebecca Forest with the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas told a crowd that there are very few or no Hispanics in legislatures that have passed strict immigration laws.

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In a written statement, Forest said “Upon my review of the opposition video excerpts (released out of context) it is understandable why some people have been upset by the featured comments.  Unfortunately due to event time constraints, the negative immigration voting history of all legislators could not be discussed in detail.”

Alice Linahan with “Women on the Wall” says Forest was indeed taken out of context.  She says that what Forest meant to say was that “liberal Democrats”  in the legislature, many of whom are Hispanic, are to blame.  I asked her about the fact that it seems pretty clear Forest was talking about Mexican-American lawmakers.

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Update 6/17/2011

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Rebecca Forest speaks with Scott Braddock on 1080 KRLD: