DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – The Biggest first person shooter in the history of the world is awesome right out of the box, but one of the coolest things about gaming today is the downloadable content that follows videogames and allows the developers to give it’s customers more experiences.  The gameplay rarely gets stale, and when it does chances are a new map pack or a new game alltogehter are only weeks or a few months away.

Annihilation is up next.  June 28th on XBOX first.  I think the best thing about it is Treyarch tried to recapture the glory of nuketown with a map called drive in.  Nonstop action is too good to pass up (subtle note to EA and BF3).   Anyway.

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Elsewhere in the world of videogames.   Those lucky folks in Japan have the latest offering from PS3 on store shelves now.  It’s a 320 GB slim that is smaller and runs more efficiently.  Should be here in the next month or so and retail for 399.99.

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