FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – With the advent of “liquid facelifts,” more people are opting out of going under the knife and turning to what experts describe as a safer, less expensive option to fight aging.

Becky Sisson is one of them. She may be in her fifties, but she doesn’t want to look like it.

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“I began to see lines appear,” she said. “and I noticed a lot of the contouring on my face was beginning to disappear.”

She uses Botox, and has tried fillers like Juvaderm, but in April her daughter, who is a nurse practitioner at Fort Worth Plastic Surgery, talked her into getting Sculptra.

“It’s a molecule that we inject and over the course of months it causes your body to regenerate your body’s own collagen again,” her daughter Vanessa said. “Basically, it’s going in the face and injecting where we’ve lost volume and some bone as we age.”

Over time, wrinkles are less noticeable and fine lines disappear, officials say.

“It wasn’t like I walk out of the office and somebody goes ‘oh wow!’,” Sisson said about the change in her appearance. “When they told me this was something that would happen subtly over a period of months, I was really interested in it.”

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Her husband, Richard, was interested as well.

“I’m seven years older than her, and so I had deeper folds and creases,” he said, “It just fills in that area, and as it grows it just pulls and lifts it back up like when you were younger.”

The liquid facelift lasts about two years and can be used in conjunction with other fillers and Botox. The best part, the Sissons said, is the quick recovery.

“You’re good to go back to work that afternoon,” Becky Sisson said. “No downtime, no loss of work, no scarring, no sutures, no infection risk.”

A liquid facelift is usually less than half the price of a surgical one. Each vile of Sculptra costs around $850.00, and most patients need between two and six vials.

But neither Richard nor Becky would ever have considered going under the knife, they said.

“I don’t know if I would have ever done that,” Richard said, “because the expense.”

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“The risks are just so minimal compared to a full facelift,” his wife added.