By Alyssa Gardina

Beauty Bar

1924 N Henderson
Dallas, TX 75206

On a recent Saturday night, I stopped by The Beauty Bar for my inaugural visit. An interesting hangout located in south Knox-Henderson, this bar is just far enough south to separate itself from the more mainstream bars near highway 75.

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The Beauty Bar opened in Dallas in November 2010, joining a chain that has sister bars in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Portland and other major cities. A self-proclaimed “hipster bar,” The Beauty Bar boasts a 1950s salon theme, complete with hair dryers and a very pink-focused color scheme.

On a busy Saturday night, the focus is definitely not on the decor, but on the more important elements of a great bar: the music and the drinks.

The Drinks
Beauty Bar has a serious cocktail list, featuring top-shelf martinis flavored with bubble gum, root beer or sweet tea. Monday through Friday, the $10 drinks get a bit more manageable, when Beauty Bar throws in a mini manicure for the same price from 4 pm-8 pm.

On this Saturday, however? We were just there to drink.

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My martini mixed lemonade and sweet tea vodka. A lot of sweet tea vodka. The bartender was quick, but showy – there’s something about seeing what goes into your drink that makes a nice cocktail worthwhile. My fellow partiers ordered more traditionally: a Manhattan and a Cosmo, both served up good and strong.

The beer list isn’t anything to sneeze at either. Brooklyn Lager, Franconia Wheat – microbrews and (of course) PBR were definitely keeping the hipster crowd lubricated and happy. Which leads us to:

The Music
And the dancing. DJ Red Eye plays every Saturday night, spinning a mix of music that gets even the most uncoordinated soul groovin’ along. The dance floor is big enough to fit a crowd of 20 or so, but it definitely gets more packed as the night goes on. DJs also spin on Thursday and Friday nights, so you can get your dance fix in at least 3 nights a week!

The Specials
Beauty Bar has specials almost every night of the week, so you can wet your whistle and let a bit loose, while still staying on budget:

  • Monday: $3 pint night (let’s not forget the awesome beer list. This is definitely not just a cocktail bar)
  • Tuesday: American micro brew with well shot for $7
  • Wednesday: Happy hour specials all night
  • Thursday: $3 Bud, Coors & PBR (well, it is a hipster bar.)
  • Friday: Glamorama w/ DJ Blake Ward
  • Saturday: Delorean w/ DJ Red Eye
  • Sunday: $4 U-Call-Its All Day

The Conclusion
The Beauty Bar is a great place to get down with a cocktail – no matter what day of the week.

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Alyssa is a nightlife blogger and local music aficionado currently residing in East Dallas. She writes for a local happy hour website and her personal blog, and can frequently be found tweeting about her favorite bars and bands.