By Alyssa Gardina

The Quarter Bar
3301 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 754-4941

(Photo Credit: Alyssa Gardina)

The Quarter Bar has already gotten some acclaim for its frozen beverages and great upstairs patio, so we asked owner Stacy Taylor a few questions – and found out just who came up with the idea for booze pops.

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Alyssa Gardina: What inspired your frozen drink menu? What’s the most popular drink?

Stacy Taylor: The frozen Jack and Coke was created by Cindy Hughes, one of the owners, because you should always have a slushy version of your favorite drink, and the cherry limeade is just plain delicious.  When 3 Olives came out with their cherry flavored vodka we were making cherry limeade shots and decided they would be even better frozen (like a Sonic cherry limeade with alcohol)!  The cherry limeade is more popular with the ladies and the Jack and Cokes seem to be the guys favorite, although I think it is just because they are afraid to drink something that is pink.

Don’t know if you have heard but we also have booze pops!  That’s right frozen liquor on a stick!  We have chocolate, blue coconut, pineapple, purple, blackberry lemonade, and green apple.  Most flavors have fresh fruit in them for added deliciousness.  They are the perfect frozen summer drink, on a stick!

(Photo Credit: Alyssa Gardina)

AG: I hear you have Dallas Mavs themed drinks! Can you tell me more about that?

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ST: We starting showing the Mavs games and to show our support we came up with some special drinks:

  • The Cuban Libra- which is a rum and coke with lime
  • The Dirk Drank Dunk- which is what we in the service industry call a ‘5am’ (jager & redbull)
  • Jet Fuel- just that a shot of Rumplemintz
  • Kidd-a-Kazi- a blue kamikaze
  • And of course our spirit colored Jello shots in green and blue made with vodka, not your college version.

AG: Anything exciting on tap for the summer?

ST: For the summer we are running Abita’s new Select Brew program where they are coming out with a small batch of new beer ever 2 months, only on tap.  We just finished up with the Triple Haze, which was a triple stout Purple Haze.  The next one will be a Double India Pale Ale.  We are very lucky to have been selected to participate in this program and are excited to bring it to out loyal Abita fans and people dedicated to good beer.

AG: What makes you different than the other bars in Uptown?

ST: I have always said what makes us different from other bars in Uptown is our neighborhood bar atmosphere, our non-Uptown prices, and our want to cater to everyone instead of the “chosen few”.  We want you to feel like this is your home away from home.  Because at the end of the day all anyone wants is a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a cheap drink with their friends.

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