flat tire 782749 North Texas Heat Wave Taking A Toll On Vehicles

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The triple-digit temperatures are taking a toll on North Texas drivers and their vehicles.

The heat wave has meant busy days and nights at auto service centers, courtesy patrols and tow truck companies.

“We’re seeing an increase in our stats monthly,” said Lynn Self, program manager for the Tarrant County Courtesy Patrol. “It happens every year, but this year obviously with the heat it’s a lot more than what we’ve seen in the past several years.”

Tarrant County Courtesy Patrol officers cruise the roads to help stranded drivers, and respond to calls from the Texas Roadside Assistance hotline.

The hundred degree temperatures are causing more blowouts and flat tires, leaving some drivers stuck on the side of the road, and debris in the middle of it.

“We are having to help a lot more people because of the debris,” explained Self, “obviously the tire debris from the tire blow outs.”

The higher the mercury rises the harder it is to avoid blowouts and repair tire damage.

“It’s hard to really save a tire when it gets this hot,” said Luke Ogle, service manager for A Premier Automotive Services in Fort Worth. “That’s softening the rubber on a tire and it’s going to make them wear faster.”

Business is up at A Premier and it’s all due to the excessive temperatures.

“Vehicles are a lot like us, they are fair weather machines,” Ogle explained. “Freezing temperatures, tough on them, scorching temperatures, tough on them.”

And it isn’t just tire troubles keeping mechanic busy.

“Definitely a/c issues, definitely battery issues, transmission, engine, things like that,” Ogle said. “TLC as always… keep up on the maintenance.”

The phone number for Texas Roadside Assistance, 1-800-525-5555, is listed on the back of every Texas driver’s license and is also on the back of your state inspection sticker.