DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Love them or hate them, the Texas Transportation Institute wants to know your opinion on the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes that line the highways of North Texas.

The Institute has posted an online survey on how the HOV lanes can be made better.

>>Click here to take the survey<<

Institute spokesman Jason Crawford says the survey will make a few suggestions. “So that we can make recommendations to the Texas Department of Transportation so that we can improve the HOV user experience.”

Crawford says the survey asks questions about specific needs such as enforcement, and the number of access points.”

“The overhead signs, if the messages on those signs provide enough information to users. The pavement markings, are those clear and well maintained, as your using the lane.”

Many motorists already have strong opinions on what the lanes need.

James Kings of Richardson has an immediate suggestion, more access points.
“Times that I have used it, I can say it would be better to have more on/off places. I have been to cities where they have used HOV lanes, and they don’t put the barriers up.”

KRLD’s L.P. Phillips Reports:

“More exits would be great, because with those little dividers, if you miss an exit, it makes it hard to get out.” says driver Allen Cloutier.

Charles Clark says his problem is that slow guy who treats himself to the HOV lane, then moves slower than traffic in the regular lanes.

“You got somebody in the HOV lane goind 50 miles per hour, and nobody is in front of him, and I’m going 60.”

The Texas Transportation Institute is leaving a blank space and a comment section at the end in case the study doesn’t include your concern, for instance should there even be an HOV lane?

The results of the survey will be sent to TxDOT and to DART, who is in charge of the HOV lanes in North Texas.