FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s a media revolution going on you may not have heard about.

DC Comics, the people behind Superman, Batman and tons of other famous characters are rebooting 52 of their most popular comics.

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They’re starting over with new story lines and giving their super heroes new story lines. Even more important, they will be releasing new comics electronically on the same day as the hard copies.

It’s a big deal to superhero fans, including a Fort Worth 16-year-old who is blazing his own comic book trail–with his own company.

His name is Jake Tinsley.

Jake knew early on, he couldn’t draw.  “Yeah, I’m not going to be the artist,” Jake said.

But, as the son and grandson of newspaper men, he knew he could write. And boy, could he tell a story.

Reading from a story he wrote on the spot, Jake said, “The wall exploded, sending a humanoid duck flying across the room. He rolled over in mid air and pulled a revolver. There was a small explosion. Ppppuuuuccchhhh!”

By the age of 12, Jake had already become one of the youngest comic book writers in America.

Now 16, he’s one of the youngest publishers.

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“I’m like ‘Dad. I think it’s time we started our own comic book company.’ He’s like ‘WHAT?!'” Jake said.

But don’t think Jake is just in it for the laughs.  “I was bullied a lot as a little kid,” Jake said.

His latest book takes the topic of bullies head on, drawing from experiences in his own life.

“This story here is all my big bullies personified into one big bully called Big D,” Jake said.

He’s also written a comic book dedicated to Amber Hagerman, explaining the Amber Alert to kids.

Not unlike his comic book heroes, Jake is strong when it comes to right and wrong. It’s a theme running through his next comic book.

“It’s Drunk Drivers Deserve Justice,” Jake said.

Jake’s dream would be to one day see his name on the cover of a Marvel or DC Comic Book.

“That would be so awesome!” Jake said, obviously thrilled at the thought.

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Jake Tinsley is a junior at Keller High School. He plans on going to college. And if his comic book career doesn’t take off, he plans on going into the news business like his father and grandfather before him.