DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Seven new indictments have been handed down to Dallas’s Medrano family, accusing six members and an associate of election fraud.

From knowing the Kennedys to the Clintons, the Medranos have been one of Dallas County’s most influential Democratic families.

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There are Medranos currently on both the School Board and City Council in Dallas.

Now Carlos Medrano, a Justice of the Peace, is accused of coordinating an illegal scheme so his nieces could vote for him.

Ted Lyon says the indictments that dropped last week are nothing more than a campaign by Republicans to smear the family. “it’s outrageous and it’s political and it’s wrong.”

He says Racquel Medrano lived at her uncle’s West Dallas home and not in Mesquite as her driver’s license stated when she voted for Carlos Medrano in 2008.

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Today, Medrano’s opponent in that election, Luis Sepulveda, asked County Commissioners to remove Medrano from the bench. “This gentleman is disqualified at this time so that makes me the candidate and that makes me individual to take this position because there was fraud and because this election was stolen from me.”

Sepulveda lost the 2008 election by 154 votes.

The Medrano’s say they have family photos and other evidence proving they are telling the truth about where they reside.

Lyon questions why the Attorney General went outside of Dallas County to obtain indictments here in Rockwall County which has no connection to the family or the alleged crimes. “There’s hardly any Hispanics in Rockwall and almost entirely white grand jury indicted these people.”

But the indictments say a Medrano family member’s own testimony exposed the illegal voting that relatives are accused of lying about and threaten to tarnish a name that has influenced Dallas for decades.

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Attorney General Greg Abbott’s spokesman declined comment on the indictments, and on accusations that the indictments are politically motivated.