ARLINGTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – Searching for a job can be grueling. A person can have leads and gain hope; just to have it all evaporate when the job doesn’t come through.

While one Arlington man has seen most everything, his current unemployment isn’t his only challenge of late.

Crowds by the hundreds packed Cowboys Stadium last week. They weren’t there for a football game – but for a job fair.

Somewhere among all the eager job seekers was Ronnell Nicholson, who was laid off from his job nearly a year ago.

“October 2010, my position was eliminated,” he explained. “I’d been there 15 years. Never missed a day of work for being sick.”

As if unemployment wasn’t bad enough, Nicholson paid a steep price for attending the job fair. His 1990 Cadillac caught on fire while he was inside applying for jobs.

“When you look under the hood, it’s gone. It’s like torched,” Nicholson said of his car. “It was almost like you got hit in the stomach when you saw that.”

Now, without a vehicle, Nicholson relies on a bicycle to get him around town. That means, in an already tough market, his job search is now limited even more.

“That eliminates the positions in Dallas and Fort Worth for interviews,” Nicholson said of his application options. “So I have to look in a place [Arlington] that does not have mass transportation now.”

Nicholson may have lost his job and car, but he hasn’t lost his faith. “If you’ve got faith that’s all you need, that’s all I’m going on right now.”

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