By R.J. Choppy

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – This is the first edition of the CPR: Choppy Power Rankings for College Football. You’ll need CPR after this.

1. LSU. They have won 3 games vs Top 25 teams at road/neutral sites. The rest of the Top 25 combined has won 4 games on the road/neutral sites vs the Top 25. They are the best, by far.

2. Oklahoma. They get docked, not because of anything they didn’t do, but because of everything LSU HAS done.

3. Alabama. They might have 8 guys from their starting defense playing in the NFL in 2 years. Studs.

4. Boise St. I’ve given up. I held off for so long to not give these guys any love, but Kellen Moore should win the Heisman this year if he keeps this up. I don’t care if he can or can’t play in the NFL. The guy is as smart as Peyton Manning.

5. Stanford. Speaking of Manning, will Andrew Luck be his understudy?

6. Wisconsin. They play football the way they play basketball, hard nosed. Add a top 5 home field advantage and a weak Big 10, and this team will be undefeated heading into Bowl Season.

7. Ok State. They have Dez-Lite at WR, but they might as well have the Cowboys secondary.

8. Nebraska. They are the only ones who can stand in the way of Wisconsin. Bo Pelini has almost returned the glory of Tom Osbourne. Almost.

9. South Carolina. How is it that an SEC East team is barely in the Top 10 and undefeated?

10. Clemson. They rolled undefeated Auburn, and they sent FSU to another loss. They’re solid, and just slightly ahead of Va Tech. For now…

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