AZLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Alex Templeton was made honorary captain of his Junior High football team Tuesday night, and got to call the coin toss.

He picked heads, but it turned out to be tails.

Even though it didn’t go his way, he says it’s no big deal.

Alex is no longer a stranger to adversity after what happened to him on the field last week.

He was running after another player.  “I chased him around and tackled him from behind, and I landed on his cleat,” says Alex “And I remember getting up and looking into the stands and I fell back down.”

His father Matt was in the stands, and watched as his son lay motionless, and says he’ll never forget that agonizing moment.  “Thought it was one of those things he fell back down he wasn’t moving I jumped over the fence and went down there to be with him it’s one of those things I will never forget.”

Alex’s heart had stopped.

Coaches and parents rushed to the field to perform CPR, while someone else grabbed an Automated External Defibrillator.

A school nurse who just so happened to be at the game used it to restart his heart.  “Somebody was watching over us that night,” says the 13-year-old.

Azle ISD says they will now have AED’s at every sporting event, not just football games.

The district has already ordered 11 more.

As for the 7th grader, he’s been told he will have no long term complications, other than having to sit out the rest of this season and next.

He hopes to play again in high school. “I just want to play.”

His dad isn’t so sure, “I don’t want him to play, but we will have to make the decision later.”

One things for sure is they’re not leaving his health up to chance.