FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The ‘Occupy’ protest hits Fort Worth. Some 50 protesters gathered Monday morning to protest Wall Streets control over Congress.

Organizer John Boeglin led off a mach that headed to several downtown banks. “Our plans today are to start making marches around the banks and then establish an occupation here, in Burnett Park,” he explained.

Before the marching began, protesters got into a shouting match with each other over questions of who controls the group, and their ability to speak.

Boeglin said the group needs to stay focused on their common goal.

“We’re tired of the one-percent having the ear of Congress. We want to end the power of the lobbyists.”

The “Occupy Wall Street” effort began with a small group of protesters in New York City and has grown to include nearly a dozen other cities and thousands of protesters.

Protester Brodrick Williams hopes the message of the group will have an impact. “I think that it can make a difference. You’ve got to remember our country was founded on change, it was supposed to be for the people and somewhere along the way we forgot that,” he said.

Protesters say they’ll stay throughout the night, week, and even the weekend if needed to get their voices heard.

Fort Worth police said they’d be monitoring the rally.